Monday, February 17, 2014

Smartboard Activity - Classroom Objects - Guess the word

This is a set of two activities for two teams. 

There are eight classroom-related words in each activity that students need to guess by reading the definitions. When the team knows the word, one of the students will touch the letters on the screen to spell it. If he/she makes a mistake, the beginning of the word will disappear, and the student will have to start writing it again. Then the second student of the team approaches the Smartboard and spells the second word, etc. At the end of the activity, press "Finish", and you will see the score. 
The first team can take their seats and watch the second team do the second activity.

Smartboard Activity - Anagram - Classroom Objects

This is an anagram activity to be used as a warm up/spelling review. Students move letters to unscramble the words related to classroom objects. There are five words in total: eraser, stapler, scissors, sharpener and dictionary. If the students struggle with the word, they can press "Clue" button in the left bottom corner and see a picture to help them. There is a timer ticking that is supposed to make the activity a bit competitive. The timer feature can be removed , just click "Edit" and uncheck it. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Smartboard Activity - Returning Clothes at a Department Store

These are two activities that will help your students practice simple conversations at a department store to return/exchange an item. 

In the first activity students match pictures with problems (too loose, too tight, etc.).
Next, they will arrange a sample conversation between a customer and a sales person and practice reading it.
Finally, students will create new dialogues, using vocabulary from the first activity.

Return/exchange Clothing at a Store - Smartboard Activity

Smartboard Activity - Trying on Clothes

These are three simple conversations that students will sequence and practice. 

Smartboard Sentence Sequencing - Trying on clothes/shoes

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Find Someone Who - Money and Banking

This is a mingle activity for elementary students. All of the questions are about banking and money; the activity also provides a chance to practice asking and answering questions using Past Simple.

Find Someone Who_Money and Banking

Choosing a TV Program - Role-play

This is a role-play for a group of up to 12 students. If you have fewer students, just choose the roles you like. The students should be divided into two families and each student gets a role. The aim of the role-play is to discuss TV preferences and watch something TOGETHER in the evening. At the end of the activity ask students to present themselves to the opposite group (it is usually a lot of fun) and share the result of their conversation.